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  • Savory
Firecracker Chicken Slider with Omphalos Eudaimonia
Buttery Mushroom Swiss Slider with Vino Stache The Boss
Grilled Lime Shrimp with Ancho Chile with Sonoita Vineyards Arizona Sunset
Thick Sweet Potato Fries with Spiced Fall Dip with Omphalos Malbec

  • Sweet
Chipotle Raspberry Wings with Sonoita Vineyards MeCaSah
Tangerine Almond Salad with Vino Stache The Proper
Berry Tart with Sonoita Vineyards Desert Nectar
Cheesecake with Raspberries and Mint with Omphalos Petit Sirah


Pick Four Wine Tastes and Four Bites


Pick One Glass of Wine and Two Bites


Tastes are 3 oz pours. Glasses are 6 oz, and the beer is 12 oz.


Firecracker Chicken Slider

Buttery Mushroom Swiss Slider

Grilled Lime Shrimp with Ancho Chile

Chipotle Raspberry Wings

Smoked Sausage Tomato Grill w/ Red Onion and Feta

Thick Sweet Potato Fries with Spiced Fall Dip

Tangerine Almond Salad

Berry Tart

Cheesecake with Raspberries and Mint


Omphalos Winery

The ancient Greeks believed the Earth’s epicenter was found at the merging point of two soaring eagles, dispatched by Zeus from opposite ends of the world. There, the sacred Omphalos Stone was laid to mark the center of all things.  At Omphalos Winery, Winemakers Tom and Teresa Messier celebrate the convergence of expertise and artistry in crafting extraordinary wine from the finest Arizonian grapes. Our wine is made to savor ─ and to embrace the passion that lies at the center of life itself.

Eudaimonia: A whiff of the glass and you’ll experience aromas of sweet cherry, vanilla, smoked salmon, spruce, ad coffee. With reminders of cherry, smoked wood, strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, huckleberries and smooth tannins on the palette.
Malbec: 2021 This wine offers aromas of floral, candy apple, toasted marshmallow caramels, honey, plum, and ripe cherries, with flavors of plum, black cherry, strawberry rhubarb pie, cinnamon, and strawberries.
Petit Sirah: 2019 On the nose are scents of blackberry jam and black pepper followed with flavors of plums dark-berried fruits.

Sonoita Vineyards

The oldest commercial vineyard and winery in Arizona, Sonoita Vineyards was started in 1974, opened in 1983 and now includes over 30 acres of vines, managed by Winemaker Lori Dutt Reynolds and her husband Robi.  The Sonoita Appellation (AVA – American Viticultural Area), the winery consistently creates award winning wines ranging from crisp and fruity to bold and complex.
Arizona Sunset: ABV 11.75, Colombard/ Cabernet Sauvignon Blend This wine has beautiful cranberry and green apple aromas and flavors. Perfectly paired with a hot day.
Desert Nectar: ABV 14.75, 100% Syrah. Picked late at 30 Brix this beautiful wine is filled with dark fruit flavors on the front with a hint of spice on the finish. It is a full bodied dessert wine and is the perfect aperitif.
MeCaSah: ABV 16.1, 34% Merlot 33% Cabernet Sauvignon 33% Syrah.  This vintage was aged in bourbon barrels for a short period of time. It has a charcoal and honey nose. It is packed full of fruitiness in the front and spice on the finish. Be prepared for pure smoothness.

Vino Stashe

Yes, we grow award winning wines in Arizona!  Think of us like the Argentina of the Northern Hemisphere - we grow our wines at altitude.  Vino Stache Winery is 100% woman-owned winery in Southern Arizona's Sonoita AVA.  Owner and winemaker Brooke Lowry Ide sources her meticulously farmed grapes from boutique, family-owned vineyards in Sonoita and Willcox, Arizona.
The Boss: AVB 14.1% 2020 Graciano. Medium to full bodied red, this fruit is from a 3 acre vineyard in Sonoita on Harvest Drive.  This fruit was picked, destemmed and included 20% whole cluster in the ferment. Aged for 3 years in neutral oak it has notes of tomato, cherries and aged balsamic.
The Proper: AVB 13.8% 2020 Malvasia Bianca. Skin fermented white, also called an Orange style wine.  This fruit is from the beautiful Rhumbline Vineyard in Willcox.  Fruit was picked, destemmed and fermented on skins for 9 days, pressed off and aged in a 187 concrete egg for 10 months.  This is a zippy wine with high acidity and notes of fresh grapefruit, lemon verbena, gardenia and honeysuckle.
The Wanderer: AVB 14.1% 2020 Sangiovese. Medium bodied red, this fruit came off of the beautiful Cimarron Vineyard in Willcox.  Aged in 80% neutral oak 20% medium toasted barrels for 2 ½ years.  This wine is fruit forward and approachable with notes of bright candied cherry, Kirsch, raspberry, dried strawberry, eucalyptus and leather.

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